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In good condition according to KBB! Last tune up about 6 months ago mechanic said that replacing the timing belt for about $500 dollars before it hit 120,000 miles would ensure the car would run another 100,000 no problem. I think this car is worth more $3,500 and more like $5,000... but im going on the road with a band and I simply cant afford insurance or to simply keep it parked at home. I could use the cash on the road as well. So I have to give up a car that's been really good to me and has alot years left, unfortunately because the time is calling for it. I however think the investment and return this car offers is far greater than the price I'm asking. I think I am making a mistake selling this car for what I am. But my life presently tells me its the only thing to do with it, and I leave to get on the road on the 22nd so I'm willing to negotiate a little if we can get it done before I leave in about 9 days.

120 000 - 129 999